How to Repair a Fishing Rod – Step By Step guide

Different Solutions of How to Repair a Fishing Rod

Fishing rod is just a rod or a stick containing a string and a hook at the end of the string. Further, this rod allows you to catch one fish easily in a single turn.
If you have a fishing rod from a long time, and it has some damgaes and you can’t say goodbye because of your some beautifull memories. Then, below is the free guide for you to repair your fishin rod.
Before going heading to guide, we’ll discuss some reasons that why your fishing rod is damaged.


Some materials can not bear high pressure and high temperature. So, if your fishing rod is made of substandard material then it may break down in a few weeks.

Manufacturing Defect:

Manufacturing defects offently come in many products but it is not very commom. So, whenever you are going to buy a fishing rod, then must check; there should be no manufacturing defect in the rod.


You can damage your expensive and durable fishing rod only if you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn about how to use a fishing rod.
If your fishing rod is damaged, then don’t worry it is possible to repair it with a few simple tips.
Now, let’s start our free guide written specifically for you after a lot of research.

Broken Tip of Fishing Rod:

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Below are the simple steps to repair your fishing rod tip.
⦁ Go and buy a good quality tip for your fishing rod.
⦁ Now melt the adhesive tip of your fishing rod. So, it will become easier to remove the tip from the rod.
⦁ Get sandpaper and rub it on the tip of the rod to make it smooth.
⦁ Cut small pieces of rod cement so you can fit them easily. Now use a melt the cement to attach the tip to your rod.
⦁ After melting the cement, quickly slide the new tip onto the right place of your rod.
⦁ Now set it free for some hours and it will be fine again.
⦁ Here you go, now you can use it as always.

Snapped Fishing Rod:

This is a difficult thing to deal with because your rod will not work as perfectly as it was. But, don’t worry everything is possible, you can still repair your snapped fishing rod by following these simple steps:
⦁ Get sandpaper and rub it on both ends of the rod.
⦁ Now get a Measurement tape to measure the size of pole you need to repair your rod. Write down the measurements on paper.
⦁ Go and buy a carbon fiber or fiberglass pole. Check that it can go inside and fit in the hollow rod.
⦁ Now shift the pole into the hollow rod. Check if it fits snugly inside the rod or not. You can make it thick by wrapping tape.
⦁ Use epoxy glue on the ends of the fishing rod and press the two broken edges to flush towards each other to fit in the right place.
⦁ Now wrap an electrical tape around the rod and let the fishing rod free for some hours.


Broken Line Guide of Fishing Rod:

Guides of the fishing rod are very soft. They can bend down and break easily when you misuse it. You need to keep the alignment right. Here are some simple steps:

⦁ Firstly, cut the old wrapping and epoxy to remove the guide. Don’t put a razor to the rod as it can damage it.
⦁ Sand the place where you want your new guide to go so that is smooth and offers better adhesion.
⦁ Press the base of the new guide on the rod and make sure it is aligned with the other guides on the pole. Further, wrap a piece of tape to hold the guide in place and then wind thread around the guide. Keep maintaining the tension in the loop.
⦁ Apply a layer of epoxy to the guide to keep it in the right place. Now let it free for some hours.

Damaged Ferrule:

You can repair small cracks on the ferrule very easily and it will work just like in the past times. But, if the crack is large then it will be difficult to repair it and it will not handle the flex of the rod.
⦁ Cut the cracked part with the help of a cutter.
⦁ Remove the thread and epoxy from the cracked ferrule.
⦁ Now Rewrap the ferrule with a new wrap.
⦁ Apply the epoxy to make it more secure.